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Indian Education is a unique and specialized Education system that is offered primarily to Indian students. It incorporates culturally relevant and inclusive elements not found in mainstream Education but is subject to many of the same mandates.

The payroll structure of the teachers and the faculties, especially in the government institutions should be improved. This step will help in motivating the teachers to develop their skills and they will take a keen interest in grooming or shaping a student's life and career. The government and other entities who are associated with the education sector, need to understand the importance of quality of Education. Education should be a holistic process that must focus on the overall development of the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive skills of a child. It needs to be a slow and cyclic process and must take place gradually to help the child develop into an autonomous, independent, and knowledgeable individual.

An educated individual is an individual who should be able to contribute to the betterment of the economic and social development of society as well as the country. The true goal of Education must exceed awarding degrees and certificates to the students. Education is not a tool to earn a livelihood, but it is a way to liberate the mind and soul of an individual.

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